Why Join EO?

To help your business grow through learning and networking opportunities.
Here are the three pillars that make up the unique experience for our members.

The Forum

The core of EO is the monthly group meeting to talk about business matters and share experiences in a highly confidential atmosphere.

The Events

As a member of our local EO chapter, you get to participate in learning and social events, all of which help you grow as an individual and a business.

The Network

Learn from like-minded entrepreneurs and grow from their experiences. Enhance your own business practices while expanding your network with people you trust.
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Connect with

Meet other innovators, and disruptors at special events. You have the ultimate opportunity to expand your professional and personal networks while learning from top entrepreneurs.
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Executive Education

EO is proud to offer members the opportunity to learn at a higher, more intense level through executive education programming. Our programs strive to bring members to new levels of leadership, as well as growth and success in their business, community and family lives.
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EO Connect

With more than 10,000+ visionaries, experts, and innovators, a lifetime of learning is now at your fingertips through EO Connect an online platform designed to support your personal and professional needs through immediate member-to-member connection.


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What can happen
when you join EO?

A lot, just ask EO Atlanta member Sara Blakely, who with US$5,000 in life savings and an innovative idea, changed the face of business and the lives of women everywhere.
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Simon Sinek
Thought Leader

What makes a great leader? Management theorist Simon Sinek suggests, it's someone who makes their employees feel secure, who draws staffers into a circle of trust.
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Malcolm Gladwell
Author, and public speaker.

Gladwell’s method is well established and, you would think, fail-safe. It’s one of the reasons his books have sold millions of copies. Among his other talents.

Discover. Explore. Join.

Imagine an organization that helps you achieve your full potential in your business and
personal life through life-enhancing connections, shared experiences, and collaborative learning.
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From one-of-a-kind chapter events built around learning and engagement to networking at regional and global adventures in exotic destinations, being a part of EOSOFLO can only enrich your entrepreneurial journey for the better.
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