EO South Florida Excel & Discover

EO South Florida Excel & Discover

Strategic Alliance Partnership Overview


about EO

EO helps local entrepreneurs achieve their full potential faster.

We are the world’s only peer-to-peer network exclusively for entrepreneurs. To qualify, entrepreneurs must be the founder, co-founder, owner, or controlling shareholder of a company with annual gross revenue exceeding US$1 million.

Members join EO because they are looking for:
  • Resources that will help grow their business.
  • A support network of like-minded leaders.
  • Connections and relationships that will help them thrive and grow.
  • Synergistic partnerships 

SAP Advantages

The Benefits

We are a loyal and dedicated purchasing block with a combined $1.5 Billion in yearly revenue. Once you become a strategic partner you'll have access and the full attention of a global network of business owners.

Meet the CEO

Build a strong business relationship from the top

Have Access

You'll have access to chapter private Forum meetings

Gain Trust

As a partner you'll become a trusted service provider

Get Loyalty

When in need our members approach our partners first

Reach Others

Obtain referrals from our members to their peers

Gather Intel

Connect with your clients, get to know them at a deeper level


EO By The Numbers

We are a broad spectrum of companies with a very diverse group of CEOs. We only team up with organizations that provide a mutually beneficial relationship to our members.

Number of Members
Full time employees
Average Member's Age
Median Revenue by Organization

Core Value

EO's Mission

We pursue partnership and engagement opportunities to grow and better understand the needs of entrepreneurs.

Video Testimonials

David Weisinger
Uplight Group
Meet David Weisinger, owner of Uplight Group and part of EO's Accelerator program. David has made great connections, learned how to grow his business and gained the knowledge to move on to the next level.
Scott Weiselberg
KO Lawyers
Founded in 1996, Kopelowitz Ostrow Ferguson Weiselberg Gilbert (KO) has grown to include 40 attorneys in three full-service offices located in Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, and Miami, Florida.

Current Strategic Partners



Some old friends

Current Strategic Alliance Partners

We pursue local partners like you and engage in opportunities that can help our members grow. Your services could be key to our member's exponential growth.

Create a relevant learning event inviting all chapter members to attend, you'll have the complete attention of local influential decision-makers. 

Farlie Turner Gilbert
KO Lawyers
Morgan Stanley
Centenial Bank
Givner Law group
Litter Law
Junto Consulting
Grant Thorton


our events

You'll have the opportunity to build long term relationships.

EO events provide our strategic partners one on one access to our members, these events are created with the purpose of relationship building.

You'll have access at a personal level to CEOs of well-established and fast-growing startups. 

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